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President's Report


As spring approaches, and we come out of hibernation, I am wondering where the winter went.  Yes, when I think of the dark and cold; winter seemed long.  But what happened to that winter "slow down"?  You know, when business slows down and the evenings are quiet.  Thanks to modern technology, those days may be gone forever.  Now those snowy days are busy.  Technology keeps us connected to work, not only at the office but at home; literally anywhere in the world.  So now we use those days to catch up on work.

I have been thinking about the double-edged sword of technology and a recent road trip really brought it home.  As always, I was looking for an audiobook to fill that down time in the car.  Now, I am the kind of person who is disappointed when I read the book or watch the movie that everyone is talking about.  They just don't measure up to the hype.  I used my soon-to-expire Audible credits and downloaded one of those talked about books; "Girl Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis.  I have to say it stood up to the reviews.

I have a terrible habit of getting involved in too many things, always saying yes, well, I'm preaching to the choir.  Ms. Hollis' message is "put yourself first".  We don't cancel business meetings or dinners with friends; yet we continually put our mental and physical health at the bottom of the list.  So, in an effort to change this, I began to look at all of the things I say "Yes" to and asked myself some important questions.  Do I enjoy this? Is this good for me?  Is this good for my business?  Is this philantropic?  Why am I doing this?  Do the answers to these questions indicate I should continue to be involved?

I am happy to report, the answer to my NAWBO involvement is a resounding YES!  Some other of my associations didn't fare as well.  They got a "Not now" vote.  I may go back to them someday but for now I'm adopting Rachel Hollis' attitude: each day is not only a gift but a new day to start fresh.  I pray that all of you are doing what you love and fufills you; if not, ask yourself those questions.  As for me, next road trip there'll be no podcast, news, or Audible.  I'm going to roll down the windows, turn up the music and enjoy the spring!

Susie Platt

Spoon River Home Health

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Welcome New Members

We had an amazing Member Recruitment Meeting on March 20th and had an amazing turnout!!  We are so excited to have so many successful business women as new members!  


Laura Holmes - Lopears Poochie Play Ground

Kellie Branch-Dircks - Kellie Branch-Dircks,  LLC

Emily Britton- Arnold - Emily's Authentic Solutions

Kellie Drake - Red Haute Images

Debra Isbell - A Catered Affair

Jennifer Fleck - Web Diva Development

Michele Mathis - Life Insurance Specialist

Karen Shorey - Slight Edge Coaching

Cristell Frausto - CFS United

Jamie Messmore - Soccer Shots of Peoria/Molly Maid

Dawn Kocher - Jump Start Gymnastics & Kids Activity Center

Maria Lusardi - Industrial Marketers

Julie Hubbard - Focused Healthy Living

Ashley Wozniak - Health by Ashley

Lori Johnson - 


Denise Patton - Pets for Seniors

Mary Rous - Gerald M Brookhart Arts in Education

Kelly Schneider - United Stroke Alliance


Jennifer Lindsey - Lindsey Health Coaching 

Sharon Law


We have more applications pending and will announce the additional new members in our next edition!!!!

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Calendar of Events


Wednesday, April 17, 2019

 Public Policy Update - Fireside Chat with Chuck

5:30 p.m. - 8 p.m. Mt. Hawley Country Club - 7724 North Knoxville Ave.. Peoria, IL.

What a great opportunity to learn about what is happening in state government and our communities, ask questions and offer suggestions.  Senator Chuck Weaver represents the 37th District of Illinois which includes 10 Central IL. counties that are north and then east and then west of Peoria.  He has been serving in the Senate since 2015.  

Join us, bring a friend, co-worker, staff and/or spouse!  


Wednesday, May 15, 2019 - To be announced soon!


Our regular monthly meetings are open to members and guests.  Social/networking begins at 5:30 p.m., dinner at 6 and program to follow.


These meetings are held quarterly and are for new members or those who are not to be supported by the long term members of NAWBO.  Topics vary.  Bring your business questions!!

April 25th, July 25th and October 24th.  8 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.

Fidelity On Call, Ltd

9006 N. Industrial Rd.

Peoria, IL  


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Pathways to Success

The Central Illinois Chapters of NAWBO and Women in Leadership are excited to announce the keynote speaker for the 2019 Pathways Conference.  Mimi Brown, author, coach, trainer and motivator will "AMP UP" our peronal and professional lives as she shares her expertise on leadership developent!

Mimi has an uncanny knack for making real connections with peopole right from the stage and encouraging her audiences to move from passively listening to being fully involved in the experience.  She'll keep everyoe laughing and engaged.

Please remember to mark your calendar for Thursday, September 19th.  Par-a-dice in East Peoria will be or venue again this year.

Our conference planning team is set to go with; Yvonne Long and Liz Pollack as Co-Chairs, Kathy Schaeffer, Kristen Berchtold Misty Tunyuck, Rose Stanton, Joyce Day, Trista Westhafer and Vijeyata Arora as Team Leads with an additional thirteen team members.  NAWBO is represented by Liz Pollack, Rose Stanton, Alice Anthony, Pat Drake Jessica Ford, Diane Russell, Michelle Rouland, Betsy Bladel and Emily Britton-Arnold.

More infomration on our theme, breakout speakers and conference extras is on the way!

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Information and Libations

We are thrilled to have Alice Anthony as our presenter at our next Information & Libations Meeting on Thursday, April 4th from 4 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.  The location will be announced on our FB page closer to the date.  Alice, a long time member of NAWBO and a former President of our chapter, will tell us about her varied and very successful business journey. Alice says, "It is very important for us and for the people around us to know who we are and what we are.  You must fall in love with what you do because being an entrepeneur is a lot of hard work."

We are also pleased to announce that Pat Drake, owner of Fidelity On Call will be our May presenter.  Like Alice, Pat is a long term NAWBO member and Past President.  She will be interviewed by our very own Michelle Rouland and will share with us about right sizing your businesses and 5 best business practices.  

Join us for great information and tips, networking and adult beverages!!!



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Cindy Byrd's Food for Thought

Image is an Inside job

Image can be defined as a mental picture of someone or something, as well as the popular view of a product, business, or person that's gnerated or perpetuated by public relations anor the media.  Some people belie image is strictly about how a person looks.

While appearance does impact image, I've learned it's muc more.  Image is an "inside job" - who you are on the inside (values, beliefs) or how your business operates on the insude (culture, atmosphere) directly influences how you "show up" on the outside.  Values and beliefes (personal or busienss) influence thinking, whichh in turn influences choices, decisions, actions, and behavior, as well as what (and how) we communicate - whether openly or unintentionally.  All play a key part in crating nd perpetuating our personal image and/or that of our businesses and organizations.

Consequently, imge is bout how the whole person or business is 'showing up".  I believe we must learn, practice, and live the essential qualities isted below in order to improve quality of thinking and the quality of the experieces we create for others.

I    Integrity Demonstrating moral courage, ethical behavior, and a commitment to principles
M    Mindfulness Interacting and communicating with presence, awareness, and thoughtfulness
A    Authenticity Knowing who you are - your vaues and beliefs - and being genuine and sincere
G    Growth Learning and continuously improving                
E    Enlightenment Operating from a place of knowledge,  uderstanding, and insight, free from delusion

Everything we do and say sends a message.  Those messages happen throughh a variety of touch points where people encounter our personal and business brands.  That can range from a business presentation, to a social media post, to the quality of a product, to a derisive look from a colleague, to the demeanor of the clerk at the grocery store, and everything in between.  It's squarely in our hands to realize our potential to influence the image we create and perpetuate by being more aware of how we're showing up and interacting with others and more mindful about the types of experiences we're creating for others.  The opportunity to "show up" with greater insight and impact is limitless!

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NAWBO Happenings

Join us for this wonderful conference in sunny Jacksonville, Florida!!!


Get Help Getting Published!

Jill Salzman's company - Founding Moms is launching a new program which will help self-publshed mom entrepeneur authors get published!  Contact her if interested at [email protected]

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