Partner Benefits

Since 1979 the Central Illinois Chapter of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) has helped women owned businesses grow and expand. We invite you to be a part of this organization that provides visibility, education, and positive public relations for both you and the growing number of NAWBO members.

NAWBO is a national organization representing the interests of all women entrepreneurs in all types of businesses.  The organization provides a voice for women business owners, fosters communication, training, technical assistance and learning opportunities through programs, seminars and service.  NAWBO increases the visibility of women business owners and encourages their participation in the business community.  The Central Illinois Chapter of NAWBO offers monthly meetings with speaker programs, special learning events, a chapter website, networking opportunities and ;much more.

NAWBO is working to improve the credibility, visibility and acceptance in the marketplace of women business owners by making the business community aware of the quality of their goods and services and the impact they have on the economy through job creation, revenue generating and paying taxes.

A corporate partnership with NAWBO goes a long way toward education, creating a high level of visibility, and positive public relations for YOUR organization and NAWBO. The opportunity we offer you to partner with the Central Illinois Chapter of NAWBO includes many benefits.

You or your organization would be a great Corporate Partner if:

1. Recognize women-owned businesses as the fastest growing segment of our economy.

2. Want to be involved with new and innovative business practices coming from the entrepreneurial sector. 

3. Choose to be integrally involved in the planning and/or development of programs that will help increase the viability and success ratio of small businesses.

4. Welcome the public relations/community relations image resulting from their participation in NAWBO.

5. Want to have an impact on the local and national economy by stimulating business within the small business sector.

6. Are organizations that either have women on their management team or make the commitment to put a plan into place to make that happen.

7. Have the desire and take action to do business with NAWBO member companies.

Please continue reading to learn more about the opportunities to partner with NAWBO Central Illinois.

How are the funds used?

First and foremost, the Central Illinois Chapter of NAWBO promotes the education of our members through national functions. These events, which happen only twice on an annual basis, are geared to the business owner and help them in all areas from marketing to management to financial planning and more. The National Public Policy Days is designed to encourage women business owners to be aware of laws and legislation issues that affect or will affect all business owners. Our chapter provides scholarships for attendees so that all chapter members - regardless of financial ability can take advantage of these opportunities.

Since the Central Illinois Chapter of NAWBO is the local chapter, we are very involved in the community. Our membership reaches out through volunteer involvement in the Chamber of Commerce, Kiwanis Clubs, YWCA, Community Leadership School, Boys and Girls Club, and many more areas. Our members individually support many fine organizations through their financial contributions. In addition, as a chapter we are committed to support higher education, not only by our volunteer involvement, but with our financial donations as appropriate.

Since the focus of our chapter is continued education, we provide programs for our membership that will enhance their talents and leadership abilities. Programs range from marketing to personnel to workers' compensation and unemployment to other issues that our membership requires or is focused on. 

The above are the major expenses for our chapter. The income from our chapter comes only from membership dues. Since we have tried to remain affordable for the small business owner, our annual dues are $260 and that figure includes BOTH national and local dues.

You will help us be in a position to spread the word about the power of women business owners in our community, the state, the country and the world. 

We appreciate your support.


(Not applicable to in-kind sponsorships)





Platinum $2,500


Silver  $500  

Serve on NAWBO-CIL committee (not chair) Included Included  Included  --  -- 
Complimentary seat(s) at monthly meeting.  Additional attendees pay member rates* 4  1  --  --
Member rates for attendance at all chapter events and monthly meetings Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Advertisement in e-newsletter Included Included   Included  Included Included 
Table ads at monthly meetings, distribute special programs/discounts/opportunities Included --   --  -- -- 
Quarterly corporate partner spotlight Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
A 60 second spot at listed number of meetings 12  --  -- -- 
E-mail members using membership and prospect list distributed quarterly Included Included   Included Included   Included
Highlight company events and programs to members via e-mail Included  Included  Included Included  -- 
Directory listing on NAWBO-CIL website Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Premier placement of company logo on website Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Corporate partner spotlight once a year in newsletter Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Monthly submission opportunity for newsletter articles Included Included  Included  Included  -- 
Highlight company events on NAWBO-CIL calendar Included Included  Included  Included  --
Supplier/contracting opportunities highlighted on NAWBO-CIL website Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Networking with women business owners Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Access to women-owned businesses as suppliers and subcontractors Included Included  Included  Included  Included 
Annual press release with renewal Included Included  Included  Included  -- 
Recognition in visual presentations Included Included  Included Included  Included 
Recognition in printed material Included Included  Included Included  Included 
Complimentary seat(s) at special events sponsored by chapter Included Included  Included --  -- 
Diamond partners enjoy exclusivity - as long as you are a current partner, no other company or organization like yours will receive the benefits of a Diamond Corporate Partner. Included        
Opportunity to renew your membership including all current benefits on an annual basis Included Included  Included