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President's Report

The other day, I was listening to a Ted Talk by Simon Sinek on servant leadership. Servant leadership seems to be the trendy term right now, and I must agree that I believe the best leadership style is servant leadership. The inspiring points he made really struck a chord—you have to know the “why” before the “how” and the “what” can be accomplished.

Our founding NAWBO members knew something about this. They had a vision for an organization that did not exist.  Their “why” in creating NAWBO was to allow women entrepreneurs to come together and advocate and advance policies and ideas that would benefit women for decades to come. Now, some 40 years later, we continue to benefit rom their servant leadership. Their mantra and their call for service is passed to us.

As I take on the responsibility of being President of our amazing chapter, I am humbled by the legacy that has been created by Presidents before me. Thank you, Susie Platt, for your leadership this past year. And, thank you to all our board members who have provided time, talents and treasure to this great organization.

As we embark on this next year, our board is excited to strategically move our chapter to the next level—and the key is engagement from our members. Each of you is unique. Collectively, we create an energetic strength that expands our individual attributes.

We ask that you engage with us in creating and unfolding a vision of growth and meaningful engagement for our organization. What will be the vision that we translate into reality? What obstacles or ideas do you have for women entrepreneurs like yourself and your NAWBO peers? What will our legacy be? We are in this together. We are all part of NAWBO for a personal or business reason. Yet, as we contribute to the greater whole, we bring our own experiences and expertise to the NAWBO table, and our fellow members benefit from who we are. This gives us great diversity and strength.

As we carry out our mission, let’s be servant leaders and ask ourselves the important questions of how we, too, can add to the legacy and pass that mission on to the next generation of women entrepreneurs. Let’s answer the call for servant leaders as much as our schedules and other commitments allow–attend more events, join a NAWBO committee, share a new idea or join the NAWBO board. Whatever time and talent you can give to NAWBO will not go to waste.

Imagine where we’ll be this time next year if each of us embraces our servant leadership abilities. I enjoy this quote by J.K. Rowling: “We do not need magic to change the world. We carry all the power we need inside ourselves already. We have the power to Imagine.” I’m excited to see how our world will change when we apply the power we have.

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Welcome New Members

Emily Britton-Arnold
Emily’s Authentic Solutions; Mio Creativo
Meet Emily Britton-Arnold.  Some time ago, Emily realized the processes and protocols in her old company limited her ability to provide administrative services in an efficient manner.  “I knew if I went out on my own that I could produce excellent work on my terms.” said Emily.  So, seven months ago she started the Administrative Consulting Agency.  No grass has grown under Emily’s feet. Recently, an opportunity presented itself to start a coworking space.  This way she can continue her successful administrative business and create a valuable community of people who are blessed to do their own thing but not feel isolated.
When asked what she likes most about being a business owner, Emily said, “The freedom. It’s not the freedom that people expect. I don’t get to take vacations constantly. I’m actually on vacation visiting family and friends and I’ll be working the whole time. It’s more the freedom to choose what I’m going to do, when and where I’m going to do it, and who I get to work with. I get to create a space for other people to work in that freedom as well, all while helping people connect and learn from each other.”
Emily has a true passion to help people grow. In her administrative business, she gets to take things off cpeople’s plates so they can focus on growth, making money, and truly working where they’re passionate in their business. Her coworking space brings in startups and gives them the opportunity to grow and to nurture relationships that will help thrust them forward.
Emily enjoys homeschooling her three boys, hanging out with her wonderful husband, cooking, and exercise. And coffee... copious amounts of coffee.
Betsy Bladel
Common Place
Betsy states proudly that she has been at Common Place, an organization that focuses on adult and youth literacy, over a year … but who’s counting?  Many years ago, Betsy made a promise that, after her main retirement, she would work with literacy, primarily adult literacy, after doing a practicum event with Common Place for Peoria Public Library through ICC.
When asked what she liked most about Common Place, Betsy said “As the Academic Organizational Advisor, I have the privilege of working and planning with dedicated staff and volunteers that want our tutors and teachers to help wonderful individuals that want to get ahead toward their own personal goals.”
Betsy uses her skills to assist in problem solving and she is willing to take a leadership role when needed.  She is extremely persistent; no matter how long it takes to get the job done!
Betsy is a community volunteer that loves working on boards and committees in several organizations.  In addition, she enjoys gardening and its calming effect.  She appreciates her alone time and reading is her favorite pass time! 

Kellie Branch-Dircks, LCSW
EZ Dreamin' Counseling Services

Kellie Branch-Dircks provides counseling through a variety of options; in-person, online and in-home.  Over her more than ten years of owning her own business, Kellie has acquired a unique partner for her counseling services.  Not only does she provide in-person, online and in-home options, but has an equine partner to help her meet her client’s needs.
Kellie says, “My professional experiences are eclectic, but I would say my experiences have most prepared me for working with the geriatric population and those with chronic health and terminal conditions.”
The need for extra income and the flexibility of owning your own business may have been the impetus for starting EZ Dreamin’ but being able to ensure a high-quality level consistent with the values and standards is what Kellie prides herself on. 
When asked about life outside of EZ Dreamin’, Kellie says, “I have two children. My daughter, Lauren, is finishing her freshmen year at the University of Illinois Springfield, where she is pursuing her degree in social work.  She is an equestrian in discipline of eventing.  My son, Conner, will be graduating high school in May, and plans to go to ICC this fall, and ultimately pursuing a degree to become a pilot. I am engaged to Michael, who is on the engineering staff at Purdue University. When not working, I enjoy spending time with family, pursuing new hobbies, horseback riding, and shopping!”
Kelli Drake
Red Haute Images & DRAKEPhoto
Boudoir photography by Red Haute Images is empowering, sexy, classy and above all, tasteful. The private session is photographed by professional photographer Kelli Drake with expert coaching and posing. Images are skillfully retouched and enhanced for high quality products such as The Little Black Book; sure to take your breath away.
Kelli also owns DRAKEphoto and her family sessions are simply fun!  Careful planning of the style, location and overall feel of the session creates the opportunity for an enjoyable and productive experience.  Kelli's passion for home interior design matched with her years of photography experience are brought together in her most popular product, the Home Gallery Wall.  The Home Gallery Walls feature multiple canvas or metal wall portraits of the highest quality in a custom layout created to fit your home perfectly.
In love with the art and business of photography Kelli started DRAKEphoto in 2007 photographing families, children, high school seniors, pets, weddings and more.  After photographing several boudoir sessions, she found them to be so impacting for women that she launched Red Haute Images in 2010.
“I love the variety of different roles in my companies.  In addition to planning and executing successful photo shoots, I love refinishing furniture for unique set props, the digital editing and art creation process and hosting fun events at our huge studio.”
Kelli loves working with women who may be a little nervous about doing a boudoir session.  “I guide and coach them through the process and help them to see and appreciate their beauty, it's truly an empowering experience!”
When not working, Kelli is likely to be found creating something or learning new art and craft techniques.  In the last few years, with the help of Pinterest and YouTube, she’s taken up paper quilling, cross-stitching, watercolor painting, flower crown creation and other random things that started with oooooohh! 
Frequently participating in, or annoyed by, her love of creation is her wonderful husband of 16 years and her creative and sweet daughter.  “I love my little family of three and cherish our time together, especially our camping adventures (technically Glamping!)”

Sheila Fain 
LaMarsh Global
Sheila Fain is the owner of LaMarsh Global; but it didn’t start out that way.  LaMarsh Global is a globally recognized expert in helping companies and organizations design and implement practices to increase acceptance and adoption of critical business changes to maximize success.  It has been in existence for 45 years.  Sheila says, “I did not start the business, but it was founded and led by a woman until 2012. I have been with the firm since February of 2014. In the Fall of 2017, I took ownership and leadership of the organization.” She is honored to be continuing the work of LaMarsh Global.
Sheila loves her work and is proud to have the opportunity to not only help organizations manage changes but to stay a step ahead to continue adding value to her client’s businesses.  Sheila says, “The nature of our business is that organizations engage us when they are making changes that are going to be challenging and it is likely that many of the people impacted will not readily accept and adopt those changes. That is the environment we love to dive into. There is nothing more rewarding than helping leaders and impacted individuals get through a tough change with less stress and greater success.”
When not working, Sheila is enjoying her family; her husband, two married daughters and her grandchildren.  Whether it is hiking, camping, swimming or just playing games you can count her in!

Paola P. Hinton
Five Senses Spa, Salon & Barbershop
Paola Hinton is mighty proud to be the owner of Five Senses Spa; Peoria’s first full-service Aveda spa, salon and barbershop for men and women.  In 2006 Paola started a spa that would engage all the senses.  “I noticed a long time ago, that no one in the local area offers all beauty services under one roof with an experience or ambiance that matches what someone envisions when they take time out for themselves.”  From calming aromas to a chocolate fountain, she has found ways to entice men and women to indulge their senses. 
Despite the many unforeseen pressure and stresses, Paola still gets her greatest joy when people trust and believe in her.  That translates into her business.  She enjoys bringing people together through customer service, employment opportunities and strong leadership.  Paola believes anyone can be a business owner, but it takes a lot of drive, patience and passion to be a successful business owner.
Paola serves as a Junior Achievement representative, a Girl Scout co-leader, is very active in her community and neighborhood, and loves to begin her week singing in the St. Jude Catholic Church choir. She resides in Peoria, Illinois and is blessed to have her husband Steve of 18 years, and children Lia (14) and Claudia (9).
Laura Holmes
Lopears Poochie Playground
Laura Holmes is the owner of Lopears Poochie Playground, a free-range doggie daycare & boarding facility that also offers grooming. Laura started Lopears in 2010.  When asked what made her start her own business, Laura mentioned two things.  The frustration of not taking vacations because most kennels keep the dogs confined which didn’t sit well with her or her 90 lb. Siberian Husky. Secondly, like so many, she was let go from her job due to cutbacks and decided to investigate dog daycare/boarding. After 8 months of research she created a business plan & got connected with SCORE.  She competed in the Bradley NEXT Competition & got 2nd place.  Now she spends her time wrangling poochies in the outdoor playground, indoor games and kennels.  “We keep our numbers lower than other places so we can give your fur baby the love and attention they need.”
When asked what she enjoys about being a business owner, Laura said, “I enjoy the freedom of not having to worry about someone else judging my work & making money for myself instead of a big company.”  She does admit that her greatest joy is seeing a dog that had a hard start in life get rescued and come out of their shell. 
While owning a business has shown Laura leadership skills, she never knew she had, she still loves to spend time with family and friends.  She enjoys reading and walking.  “My New Year’s resolution was to start focusing more on me this year & getting out & doing things I enjoy. So, I have been taking mini get a ways to see friends & going out to lunch or dinner with loved ones.’

Julie Hubbard
Julie Hubbard owns a coffee house, the Coffee Hub in Lacon, with her husband.  But that’s just part of Julie’s world.  She also works with doterra essential oils where she teaches people how to live a more holistic lifestyle.  Right now, she is building a team of people who want to hep others with their health and well-being; in other words, she’s busy growing her business. 
JuIie has never been one to let the grass grow under her feet.  When asked how long she has owned her own business, Julie replied, “I have been an entrepreneur for my entire life.  I started selling candles that I made out of my basement when I was 10 years old. I called it “Flicker and Flame."  In looking at her motivation for starting a business, Julie said, “I have always been intrigued by the power of choice and freedom. You only get one life here on earth so why not make the best of it and create and design the life you want to live.”  Julie admits to being a personal development junkie who loves being able to live her life on her own terms.  Julie says she recently realized that she can be a follower if there is someone leading but when no one leads… she can step up and figure things out as she goes. 
Julie rarely watches T.V. and is more likely to be listening to personal development books.  She is a mom of three adult kids and grandma to three little boys.  She enjoys hanging outside and going for a boat ride on the lake in her backyard.  She says she wishes she could enjoy exercising but really doesn’t.  She can, however, watch the Sound of Music over and over and over

Michele Matthis
Mid-America Insurance Services
Michele Matthis is a Life Insurance Specialist and an independent contractor working exclusively with Cincinnati Life Insurance through the multi-line independent agency Mid-America Insurance Services.  While Michele focuses on marketing and growing Worksite Voluntary Life Insurance Program in Central Illinois, she also sells individual policies buy-sell and key man policies in combination with the worksite product. At one time Michele wanted to start her own agency, and was even being educated and groomed for it, but she didn’t follow through with it.  “This opportunity I have as an independent contractor allows me the flexibility of time, creativity, diverse leadership, a larger territory so that I can help more people and no salary cap.  I also consider it a second chance at my dream and what I feel is my purpose for my career.” says Michele.
For Michele, the most important things about being a business owner is the flexibility to schedule around her family; especially her boys Trey (age 6) and Zach (age 17).  She also loves the fact that she is responsible for her own success.  “I have amazing mentors and tools to assist me; however, it is my responsibility to stay motivated, and use my resources and time wisely to reach my goals.”
When Michele changed to a new agency and became an independent contractor, she changed her title from Insurance Agent to Life Specialist.  In this agency, she is able to put educating above sales and wanted a title that reflected that.  She works with employees of all income levels to provide financial security to as many people as possible.  She believes that listening with reason and compassion, as well as sharing her own difficult life experiences is key to helping clients make educated, comfortable decisions.
Michele isn’t all work. She tells us, “Last year my husband bought me a new bike, and I am looking forward to riding more this season, especially with Joyce Day.  However, my new movement passion is my Pom Squad class.  There is something about working out with pom poms that takes me back to a really fun time of my childhood, and I plan to get some to use at home!  I LOVE watching my oldest son compete in the Limestone Marching Band (I have been told I am obsessed) and have never missed a game or competition no matter the distance.”  She also enjoys exploring the outdoors and traveling with her husband (sometimes they take the kids!)  She can also be found watching “This is Us” and enjoying a drink and the tranquility of her own back yard. 

Jamie Messmore    
Soccer Shots Peoria/ Quad Cities and Molly Maid of Peoria

Jamie Messmore and her husband have owned Molly Maid of Peoria for the past 2 ½ years.  The two have been users of cleaning services and when her husband was looking for a business, the opportunity with Molly Maid turned up.  From bathroom sinks to kitchen appliances, her team is happy to tackle those hard-to-clean areas of the home and she is proud to serve Peoria and the surrounding communities.
Jamie has a new venture launching in Peoria in June 2019.  Soccer Shots is an engaging children’s soccer program with a focus on character development. Jamie has a caring team who positively impact children’s lives on and off the field through best-in-class coaching, communication and curriculum. “Our coaches are the best-trained in the business. Our expert-approved curriculum is age-appropriate and aligns with childhood education standards. In addition, we provide an exceptional customer experience and ongoing communication with parents.”
As a parent, Jamie was looking for an enrichment program that combined her love for soccer and youth sports and cognitive development for her children. Age appropriate sports curriculum can be difficult to find and execute, especially for small children (toddlers). Jamie’s frustration led her to Soccer Shots.
Owning a business is perfect for Jamie.  She loves the flexibility, is very social and likes structure and organization.  This gives her the ability to work sales and lead.  She also has a passion for her businesses and is a customer of them as well. 
What keeps Jamie busy besides work? “Most of my free time is spent with my family, I have two girls, 5 and 3, so they keep us pretty busy. Headed into the summer season we're looking forward to spending our days at the pool!”
Denise Patton
Pets for Seniors/Pets for Saving

Denise Patton retired from the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office as financial Director in 2017, after 31 years of service.  Looking for an area to volunteer, she met Liz Pollack in September of 2018 and fell in love with PFS; both the shelter and the retail shop.  In October of 2018 she became the treasurer.  Denise not only does the financials for PFS but works in the Forever Home Resale shop which helps finance the care of the shelter animals. Denise says, “I really enjoy meeting all the customers of the Resale Shop and working with the other volunteers especially the PFS volunteers because of their compassion about the Shelter.” 
What makes a retiree volunteering for an animal shelter join NAWBO?  “Liz was very instrumental in introducing NAWBO to me in early 2019.  “I became involved with NAWBO because of the professional integrity of the organization.  NAWBO will allow me to keep up to date on current issues affecting local businesses in the Tri-County area which could also impact our non-profit organization. Due to the number of women involved in non-profit organizations, NAWBO will help give our organization ideas on fund raising and
communications used to reach the community. “
Denise enjoys creating and presenting the financials each month to the PFS Board.  “I try to present the information so everyone can understand exactly what we receive and how it is spent. I enjoy organizing information, trends and analyzing it.”  Outside of financials, Denise and her husband Mike like to travel out west in their motor home.  They have been to Colorado, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and Arkansas and plan to see more of the United States
Of course, her fur babies travel with them!  Missie is a German shorthaired pointer and Nova is a Brittany.  Denise’s other past times include fishing, reading, flower gardening and painting.
Janet Pritchard
Janet Pritchard Consulting
Janet Pritchard has owned Janet Pritchard consulting for 25 years.  As a consultant she assists organizations in analyzing and solving problems.  Focusing on leadership, strategy and quality, Janet works with companies to remove obstacles to growth and productivity.  Janet has recently decided to take a step into the world of virtual Administrative Assistant and is in the process of exploring opportunities.
With a background in the mental health field, it is odd to see where Janet has landed.  “I received several requests to teach classes such as communication skills, conflict resolution, etc.  Some of the companies I worked with gradually began to include me in problem solving meetings and I found I could apply the listening, strategizing and training skills I used in mental health to a business environment.”
The attraction to owning a business for Janet was the ability to take on jobs where she could make a real difference and not take clients for whom she wasn’t a good match.  “Primarily I like the ability to take on jobs where I can really help and use my skills rather than have someone who doesn’t know me assign a job to me.  It keeps both the company and me from a mediocre performance.”
Janet has strong skills in creating and modifying processes to minimize effort and maximize results.  Whether it’s writing procedures, policies or creating flowcharts and strategic plans, Janet feels passionately about building accountability into organizations. 
Janet is primarily a homebody.  Yes, she conducts training and leads retreats, but she really loves to read and attend live theater and concerts. 
Mary Rous
Gerald M. Brookhart Arts in Education Spring Celebration

Mary Rous has a strong history in and an amazing passion for the arts.  She has been a choral teacher and the choral director at Manual High School, but she is equally proud to be part of the Gerald M. Brookhart Arts in Education Spring Celebration.  This program was started by Retired Regional Superintendent Dr. Gerry Brookhart 34 years ago and Mary has been a part of it almost as long.  The GMB Arts in Education Spring Celebration is coordinated through the Office Regional Superintendent of School, and the Peoria County Regional Office of Education and supported by the Friends of Peoria County ROE #48. It serves as a non-competitive environment for showcasing the talents of area children that encourages participation in the arts at a formative time in their lives -- PreK through 12th grade. It also heightens the community's awareness that the arts are an important component of our young people’s development.  “I have been part of this program in one capacity or another for every one of those 34 years except the first.  I have been a teacher, a parent of a participant, the assistant director, the Project Director, I helped develop and expand the Board and I am now the Artistic and Advocacy Director.”
While her job as a music teacher led her to become involved; it is her passion for the arts and the need to see Art Education instilled in and retained as a curricular part of student lives that keeps her involved.  Mary says, “Music and art bring out the creative, critical thinkers, motivating collaboration amongst all students.”   It just doesn’t benefit the kids, Mary enjoys meeting people, and find the celebration stimulates her own creativity.  See the new, young teachers that are excited about joining the workforce and seeing the work they do inspires Mary to continue and to grow. 
Mary is very organized and finds this skill most helpful since the celebration is basically event planning and fundraising. “I am a people person and I like to help find new and interesting ways to get a job done.  I know there are people out there who care. I am one of them. I know there are many more and I have the time now to see that the Fine Arts are not overlooked for future generations.  This program will not end on my watch.”
Mary knows the importance of women being involved in their work, families and communities.  She enjoys spending time outside.  She likes the beach, traveling with her daughter and spending time with her husband, family and dog.  She likes attending events that support the Peoria Community and loves spending time with her horse who has brought her lots of joy over the more than 20 years they’ve been together.
Kathy Schaeffer
Stellar Systems, Inc.

Kathy Schaeffer has been with Stellar Systems, Inc. for thirteen years as Director of Business Development and Marketing.  Stellar has been in existence for more than 30 years and specializes in website development/hosting, networking, software development and scanning/archiving.  Clients include local, state and national organizations.
Kathy was in a networking group with the owner/president, Andy Fograscher.  She was impressed with Andy and the company he described in the meeting.  What Kathy likes most about working with Stellar is there is no drama, no gossiping, no stress and all employees truly respect each other. In addition, she likes that no day is the same and she is constantly learning.
If you ask Kathy what she brings to the table, she’ll tell you she can relate to almost any individual and talk on a variety of subjects.  She under promises and over delivers and is always truthful with clients.
Kathy believes women can and should contribute to businesses including owning them.
Kathy loves to travel and enjoys having her only grandchild visit several times a year from California.  She volunteers and likes domestic chores. “Yes, I LOVE cleaning all related to this… it’s immediate gratification.”
Cheryl Schlumpf
Heights Life/N2 Publishing

Cheryl Schlumpf has been the owner of the publication “Heights Life” for five years. It is a monthly social neighborhood publication that serves Grandview Dr. and N. Prospect Rd.  The publication helps grow a sense of community by connecting residents, sharing stories and photos and introducing the best local businesses. 
A friend introduced Cheryl to the N2 Publishing business model, and she fell in love with the culture and how it grows community while supporting local business.  “I believe that the most important thing in our personal and professional lives are the relationships we build with others. Our publications are very targeted and allow me the opportunity to connect people to people . . . neighbor to neighbor, business to neighbor, business to business, and even nonprofit to residents and businesses. Relational business is a skill often overlooked in today's world. It is more than just networking groups. It is understanding how to connect.” 
In addition, Cheryl also loves the ability to control her work life balance.  She enjoys kayaking with her husband Fred and has started cycling again though she claims it’s going to take a bit to get back in shape on that one. She also claims, “We are big Chicago Cub fans and try to catch a few games. A great deal of our extended family lives nearby, and we are able to enjoy the local dining, music, and events in the Peoria area with them.”

Kelly Schneider
United Stroke Alliance
Kelly Schneider supports women business owners and knows firsthand the impact women can have on a business and in the community.   At United Stroke Alliance the focus is on educating the public about the prevention of stroke, creating community awareness about stroke, and supporting those in the recovery of stroke.  “I started working part-time for the organization in 2016 and sold my real estate marketing business in April of 2018 so I could work for them full-time. Now, as Coordinator of Special Projects, I work on public relations, fundraising, planning and preparing events, and working with a team to create an experience of a weekend retreat (Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camps) for stroke survivors and their caregivers across the country.”
Kelly met the owner in a networking organization and offered to volunteer at one of the local Retreat & Refresh Stroke Camps in 2015. It made a huge impact on her.  She was inspired by the tenacity of the stroke survivors and their caregivers, and to hear their stories over the weekend.  Now Kelly says that seeing the impact that one weekend can make in the lives of these people and hearing the stories of the obstacles they have overcome in their stroke recovery journey keeps her motivated and proud to be part of the Alliance.
Kelly believes her ability to be flexible helps her shine in her job.  In her position, she has to improvise and handle the difficulties when something happens to throw off the schedule for weekend retreats.  She is able to handle it creatively and still create a sense of flow.
Kelly enjoys networking and meeting new people.  She is involved in a Business Networking International (BNI), the Peoria Chamber of Commerce, and she is the secretary for the Young Professionals of Greater Peoria.  She also loves to travel; see new places and things as well as spend time with her family and friends. 
Kathryn Spitznagle
Mentoring Women Millennials
Kathryn Spitznagle is the owner of and Professional Coach of Mentoring Women Millennials.  She offers one-on-one mentoring, seminars about how to mentor women millennials and motivational speaking.  Kathryn has 30+ years of mentoring, coaching and leadership development experience with women in corporate, small business and not-for-profit environments, as well as 10+ years of experience mentoring cancer survivors and families throughout the journey. “I believe the greatest growth happens when we step together beyond our fears to achieve life’s goals and aspirations…and help others do the same. Mentoring has become my passion…and my life’s purpose. My mission is to foster the personal and professional development of women …for the life they lead today…and the one they want tomorrow.”
Kathryn has been active with the Komen Board of Directors, Komen Advocacy and Mentoring Breast Cancer Survivors.  When she’s not working Kathryn enjoys cooking, baking, walking and time with her husband Scott and her sons Shae and Ian,



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Monthly Meetings


July 25, 2019

Dinner, Drinks, Celebrations and a Show!
July 25, 2019
6:00 PM - 8:30 PM
Barn III Dinner Theatre and Event Center
1451 Timberline Rd
Goodfield, IL
Join us as we celebrate the close of another wonderful NAWBO year!


$47.00 Dinner and a Show
$35.00 Earlybird rate before May 31

$47.00 Non-Member Registration
$35.00 Earlybird rate before May 25




August 21, 2019

Branding from the Inside Out
August 21, 2019
5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Mt Hawley Country Club
7724 North Knoxville Avenue
Peoria, IL 61614-2026

Don't forget:  

The Pathways to Success Conference on September 19th will replace our usual Monthly Meeting.  See the Pathways to Success section of this newsletter for more information.

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Calendar of Events


These quarterly breakfast meetings are designed to provide opportunities for new members or those who are not to be supported by the long-term members of NAWBO. Topics vary. Come with your business questions! 


July 25, 2019  
The Joys and Challenges of Home-Based Businesses
July 25, 2019 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM

It is both rewarding and challenging to be a homebased business.  Come and meet with the pros who have taken on this challenge and succeeded!  You don't need to be a home-based business owner to come and network with others who own businesses and
like to share their knowledge and expertise.  All are welcome! 



 Next Breakfast with the Pros

October 24, 2019 

8:00 am - 9:30 am





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Pathways to Success

Ignite Your Leadership
Thursday, September 19, 2019 
Par-A-Dice Hotel 10:15 a.m. to 4 p.m.

The Central Illinois Chapter of NAWBO and Women in Leadership of Central Illinois have combined to bring the widely recognized annual Pathways to Success Leadership Conference to Peoria and its surrounding communities. We share the common goal of educating and empowering women in business and in leadership positions.
Our 2019 Pathways to Success features Mimi Brown, a business owner, two-time beauty queen, DJ, contestant on NBC’s Biggest Loser and renowned speaker. Mimi is able to instantly connect to listeners through her personal story. She draws the audience in with powerful, entertaining and insightful truths and actionable steps that equip and ignite your leadership. Our afternoon breakout sessions are designed
to cultivate ideas, discuss the challenges and ?nd solutions. In addition, we will start the conference with a networking and training session designed to help attendees advance their career or business.
Our luncheon and keynote speaker will be followed by three breakout sessions (of which registrants can pick two to attend). Our timeline is as follows:

10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. Registration (Mimosas and Orange Juice Available)
10:15 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. Early Bird Breakout Session and Mimosas
11:00 a.m. - 11:45 a.m. Networking and Vendors
11:45 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. Lunch and Keynote Speaker
1:30 p.m. - 2:00 p.m. Networking and Door Prizes
2:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. Breakout Session #1
3:00 p.m. - 3:15 p.m. Networking, Cash Bar, Vendors and Door Prizes
3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m. Breakout Session #2
4:15 p.m. - 4:30 p.m. Networking, Cash Bar, and Vendors
4:30 p.m. Door Prizes, Closing Remarks

CI NAWBO is a dynamic group of intelligent, compassionate women business owners, corporate partners, pearl sponsors (non-pro?ts), student and supporting members who encourage each other in their endeavors. They promote personal development through educations programs, build powerful connections through local and national chapter membership, and provide mentoring and encouragement. They believe it is their responsibility to not only be successful in business but to give back to their communities.

Women in Leadership of Central Illinois promotes leadership among women by providing mentoring, networking and educational opportunities. Members include managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals with a sincere commitment to their careers, families, communities and especially their personal and professional growth. They are achievement oriented women, sharing their successes, developing their personal and professional accomplishments and recognizing and celebrating the women in our area.





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Member News

Mastermind Groups – a new NAWBO-CI Member Benefit!


Our Central Illinois Chapter of NAWBO are establishing two mastermind groups for our members. They will function as informal business advisory boards! Whether you have been in business six months or 20 years, you can benefit from being a part of a Masterminds group!

Our vision, based on survey results from our chapter members, is to create productive, interactive groups of women who are encouraged and enriched by participating in the Masterminds process. This enables members to grow their businesses as they grow in their understanding of themselves and how they do business.

Each person brings a unique perspective to the group and benefits from sharing insights into problems and solutions. All members of the group gain greater objectivity, value, and a sense of their own power from peer support.

The key is total confidentiality surrounded by other women business owners that you have made a commitment to support. Each member is required to sign a confidentiality agreement so it is clear from the beginning that the information imparted during the Masterminds sessions is not divulged to others outside the group. The group will create it’s own code of conduct and determine if it’s a closed group or open to new members on an on-going basis.

We are so excited about offering this NAWBO Member Benefit. We know that those who participate will love having a safe place to vent, to be held accountable for goals, to learn and to build solid friendships in a community of like minded business women.

We need two team leaders.  If you are interested, please contact,

Liz Pollack at 309-370-4492 or [email protected]



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