September 2017  

President's Report

Our awesome board just completed our strategic planning for the year and we are so excited. We have a full list of goals to accomplish!  We have added more opportunities for networking and will expand our recruitment efforts into nearby communities.  Soon you’ll know all the specifics and we hope you will work with the board to achieve these goals.  But in the meantime, I can tell you the strengths I see in our chapter and it is these strengths on which our goals are based.


Meaning.  We have a membership with a lot of wisdom and skills.  I would love for all our members to feel they are part of something useful, valuable, and bigger than themselves.   As a united group, we can make a difference for each other and for the community.   We all must see the importance of our mission and how we each fit into it.


Relationships. As human beings, we all want to feel connected to others and to promote strong friendships and associations.  NAWBO must be a place where we can all develop these relationships and call on each other to ask questions regarding our businesses and to share our frustrations and our successes.

Input. Our chapter is made up of amazing women who bring valuable perspectives and ideas they want to share.  Our board wants to hear everyone’s suggestions for ways we can improve and what we can do to enhance our meetings and contributions to the community.

See you at our upcoming Pathways Event on the 21st of September where all 3 of these strengths will be visible!  The afternoon will be filled with dynamic and intelligent women supporting each other, promoting personal development through our educational programs and building powerful connections. 


Liz Pollack, President


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Pathways to Success

Annual Women’s Leadership Conference - "The Courage to Lead"

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino, East Peoria, IL

Registration, Luncheon & Keynote Presentation - 11 am – 1:15 pm

Breakout Sessions & Networking - 1:15 pm – 5:00 pm

This conference will give you the courage to lead in all aspects of your life. It is filled with courageous and inspiring women from diverse backgrounds.

"If there is one conference to attend this year, it is Pathways to Success," says business owner Pat Drake. "The caliber of speakers, networking opportunities and inspirational women is something you won't find anywhere else!"


Keynote Speaker:

Iron Jen, aka Jen McDonough - Author, Motivational Storyteller, Olympian, Firefighter, Ironman Triathlete and more!

Courageous women leaders are in high demand and short supply.  As history has shown, women who have the guts to step forward, take some risks, and lead with courage during times of turmoil and times of prosperity will be winners.

While this sounds great on paper, in all reality, how does this work in our busy world today?

Join us in this engaging, motivating and empowering keynote where we will look at the three tips to becoming courageous women leaders both at work and at home.

Iron Jen is the perfect pick for our 2017 leadership conference. In her roles as a motivational storyteller, engaging Amazon Top 100 author and founder of GRIT (Growing Resilient Individuals and Teams), Jen will inspire you.

She is also an 8-time national weightlifter, Minnesota Hall of Fame inductee, two-time US Olympic Festival medal winner, Ironman triathlete AND volunteer firefighter.


  • 10:00-11:00 Sponsor/Exhibitor Setup
  • 11:00 Check-In • Networking • Exhibits & Vendors
  • 11:45 Lunch • Keynote Speaker
  • 1:15 – 1:45 Networking • Exhibits & Vendors
  • 1:45 – 2:45 Breakout Learning Session 1
  • 2:45 – 3:00   Break • Refreshments • Exhibits & Vendors
  • 3:00 – 4:00 Breakout Learning Session 2
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Appetizers & Cash Bar • Networking • Silent Auction Winners Announced

BREAKOUT SESSIONS - These speakers will inspire, motivate and entertain!

  • What's Your Leadership Style - Presented by Chris Laible, On Track with Chris.  The 20th  Century Called – They want their vision board back! 
  • Transformational Leadership - Presented by Dr. Leslie McKnight, McKnight and Associates.   Unlock innovation and agility through engagement and creativity. 
  • The Courage to Crash Through Your Control Issues - Presented by Liz Pollack, Leg Up Services.  What YOU can do to relinquish your need to control.

TICKETS - PLEASE NOTE - you cannot register through the NAWBO website for this conference.  Please go to the link below or fill out the attached brochure and mail.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Individual conference tickets are $65 for NAWBO or WIL members/$75 for guests (non-WIL, non-NAWBO members).  To register, go to:

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Calendar of Events


October 18, 2017 from 5:30-8 p.m.

Presented By:

Katie Arnholt Kim, Director and Small Business Specialist for the Kim Group 

Katie will provide an overview of the current economic and business climate of the Peoria county and surrounding areas.  She will also provide her perspectives on the opportunities business owners have to work with governments to enhance their businesses, including sharing first hand experiences of how to partner with government , unlock potential subsidies, grants  and/or financing options.  

LOCATION: Mt. Hawley Country Club, Peoria, IL

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members.

To register go to: 

For more information, please contact  or call 309.692-2225 and leave a message


November 15, 2017 from 5:30-8 p.m.

Presented By: Chuck Rice, brio Employee Development LLC

Chuck has always been passionate and truly believe in making a difference on how people interact in the business setting. It is such a large part of our existence that improving awareness of self and others is critical.
Perceptions are foundational to the paradigms we act upon daily. On some level he always knew this but did not always value and appreciate the concept. Rather than be frustrated he did something about it and formed brio Employee Development.

After Chuck's presentation we will honor our Corporate Partners and Pearl Sponsors.  Without them, we could not do what we do in educating and empowering the next generation of women entrepreneurs and leaders.

LOCATION: Mt. Hawley Country Club, Peoria, IL

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members.

To register go to: 

For more information, please contact  or call 309.692-2225 and leave a message

Please reserve the following dates on your calendars.  Additional details will follow in our October newsletter.

December 13 - Christmas Party

LOCATION: Mt. Hawley Country Club, Peoria, IL

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members.

To register go to: 

For more information, please contact  or call 309.692-2225 and leave a message

January17 - Lunch Meeting at the Ivy Club

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Special Events

It's a Zombie Cruise on the Spirit of Peoria! 

Image result for zombie clip art

Are you a fan of the Walking Dead or just Halloween in general? Well we have a treat for you! Dress up as your favorite zombie or Halloween character for a hauntingly good time on the Illinois River. Kickapoo Junction will be performing. Hors D’oeuvre buffet is included.

DATE:  Saturday, October 28.  Boarding at 7 p.m.  Cruising from 7:30 - 9:30.  Adults are $26 and children $13.

Bring your spouse, family members, friends and make this an evening to remember!  Don't wait to sign up as cruise size is limited.



Back by popular demand

If you did not have the opportunity to go on our Small Business Shopping Poker Run and then enjoy a late lunch/early dinner at Biaggi's, you need to mark your calendar NOW so you don't miss this fun event. 


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Information and Libations


Information and Libations is an informal way to network, obtain information and hear a presentation from a woman business owner. 

September's topic is: Starting a Business presented by Carol Hayse, Ron's Carpets

Carol is a Past President of Central Illinois NAWBO and the owner of Ron's Carpets.  When her husband passed away, Carol was thrush into business ownership.  Come, hear and learn from Carol's vast experience.

DATE: September 7, 2017

Time 4 - 6 p.m.

Location: W.E. Sullivan's, Peoria Heights

Meetings are free to attend but please notify if you are attending as we need a count for the restaurant space.  Your only cost is your food and drink.

Information and Libations happens the first Thursday of every month!



October's topic is: Cyber Liability and the exposures and issues facing business today

Having been at Kuhl Company for over 12 years, Denise Jacobus is finding new customers, building an insurance programs for each client and most importantly, letting them know where their exposures are and what they can't insure although they can minimize their losses by putting the right policies and procedures in place. She will share the latest trends and has guaranteed not to bore us with the typical insurance information!

DATE: October 5, 2017

Time: 4 - 6 p.m.

Location: W. E. Sullivan's, Peoria Heights

Future dates:

November 2, and December 7. 

If you haven't already, make sure you "LIKE" CI NAWBO on Facebook.  All events are announced there in addition to our website.

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Partner News




  • October 4, 2017: $1 Million Hole-in-One Shootout - Country Club of Peoria
  • November 4, 2017: CASAblanca, Dancing with the Local Stars - Par-A-Dice Hotel and Casino

For additional information on these upcoming events or to sponsor, register, etc., go to:




On August 10, Dream Center announced that they will be providing 24-hour services for homeless families.  They usually have between 25 to 65 people on any given night on their shelter floor.  Since kids are affected by homelessness, the average age of the people  at night is 9 years old.  Kirsty Schofield indicated that the more stable environment, provided by the 24-hour care, means clients will be able to use a computer for job searches, etc.  This new service effectively doubled the budget from $125,000 to $250,000.  Along with the fact that the Dream Center is trying to raise $300,000 to update their elevator, you can see that your support is greatly needed.  Kristy indicated they could also use volunteers willing to help people work on resumes, put together means and handle clean up duties.

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Image Potential Shares

The Power of Exceptional Experiences, by Cindy Byrd, image potential

We can all take a lesson from two seemingly unrelated entrepreneurs, one a mega-star entertainer and one the owner/operator of a small restaurant in Maine. The two are Taylor Swift and Erin French.  You’re no doubt familiar with the former but perhaps not so with the latter.  While it may seem that people in such different professions and industries would have little in common, these amazing women share an intuitive sense of how to create exceptional experiences for people through the power of personal connection.  We can all take a cue from their examples of deftly integrating these experiences into their overall brand, and building an enviable amount of brand loyalty in the process.

Even with millions of fans all over the world, Taylor Swift knows how to make personal connections that matter. Swift will release her new album, “Reputation,” in November; however, on August 25, she released her first single in three years. In hours, it already had over 4 million views.  A master of using social media in creative and unique ways, Swift fed the public a series of short videos, tweets, and other posts leading up to the release date of the single.  All great to know, but what’s most remarkable is her very personal approach to using social media to interact with her millions of followers.  Swift mined her social media accounts to identify mega fans and then personally selected them to attend secret listening parties when she released her previous hit album “1989.” According to one mega fan, these intimate listening parties allow fans to have genuine moments with Swift because she’s creating a friendship.  The message they get from Swift is that she genuinely cares about them as people, not just as someone to sell CDs and downloads to and lure in as fans.  Even Swift has said, “I love to do little things to let them know I always have my finger on the pulse of what they want.”

Erin French, owner/operator of The Lost Kitchen in Freedom, Maine also understands the power of doing little things to make personal connections with her customers. Opened in 2014, The Lost Kitchen has one room and seats 40.  French opens reservations each year at 11:59 p.m. on April 1 and is booked for the entire season within hours, with bookings coming from all over the world – can you imagine!?  Actually, it’s not hard to imagine when you hear comments from customers who describe the experience as “divine and transcendent.”   What makes is so?  Certainly the food has to be wonderful, but it’s more than just about the food, which French readily acknowledges herself.  She says, “It’s about the way we make people feel when they’re here.  I can’t imagine serving meals and creating a space without making it feel like my home.  People are starving to feel loved and to feel cared for really well and that’s what we do when they come here.”  Indeed, this is no “get in, get out” type of fast casual dining experience.  Several-course meals are served in a rustic, supper club atmosphere over 3-4 hours, and it’s usual for French to move back and forth between the kitchen and her guests often offering a toast to them saying “You’re all a part of this!”

I readily acknowledge that the “busy-ness” of life and work can sometimes cause us to lose sight of the power of doing little things to make personal connections and deliver great experiences. These entrepreneurs have re-inspired me to renew the pledge I made when I started my business to always strive to create and deliver exceptional experiences, and to teach others how to do so, too. So what are you doing through your business to create exceptional experiences and enhance your ability to create the kind of brand loyalty we see with fans of Taylor Swift and the Lost Kitchen?

Authors note: Erin French’s story is inspiring in more ways than what I’ve highlighted in this article.  Learn more in her book, The Lost Kitchen—Recipes and A Good Life Found in Freedom, Maine.

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Public Policy Topics

Register Your Complaint on an Overly Burdensome Regulation

Illinois is home to many regulations imposed on businesses.  In some cases these regulations are hindering our economic growth. We need your help in cutting the red tape in Illinois!

Governor Rauner issued Executive Order 16-13 which instructs all State agencies to undertake a comprehensive review of existing regulations and policies to determine which regulations are outdated, repetitive, confusing or hindering a growing economy. The Executive Order also establishes a committee to oversee this process and ensure State agencies keep on track with this important review.

Public participation is vital to this process. We depend on citizens' input to help State agencies determine which regulations or policies are preventing Illinois from keeping and creating jobs.  Governor Rauner invites all members of the public to use the online portal to share their ideas for simplifying or reducing regulations.

The Illinois Competitiveness Council is seeking input from the public on which rules and regulations are the biggest hindrance to people and businesses. Anyone can submit feedback to cut the red tape at  

 Click here to submit feedback and help Cut the Red Tape!

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For Your Information

We are sharing this article which was written by Gary Burnison who is the CEO of Korn Ferry. We hope you find it as interesting and enlightening as we did.

The Troubling Rise of “Me-dership”

Earlier this summer, I dropped off my oldest son at West Point, where he was one of about 1,200 other new cadets of all races and backgrounds accepted into the academy. Some were black, others Asian. Some were Catholic, others Hindu. Some had long, curly hair, others had a neat part to the side.

Twelve hours and 40 pounds of shaved hair later, however, they all looked the same. And the resemblance was more than just physical. By that evening’s swearing-in ceremony, all 1,200 cadets were in uniform and marching in step as if they had been traversing the globe together in that formation since the last world war. Pride aside, watching the cadets march in unison across the lush, beautifully manicured lawn amid the magnificent, cathedral-like buildings took my breath away.

As the ceremony began, I got to thinking about how all these kids (because that’s still what they are—kids) enrolled in West Point implicitly believing in something bigger than themselves. They aren’t just going to college; they are committing the next nine years of their lives (four in school, five after graduation) to service.

It’s a particularly compelling juxtaposition with today’s culture of leadership, where people mistake being in charge with being a leader. Indeed, “me-dership” is becoming rampant in so many sectors. In sports, of course, we see more and more professional stars brazenly asking to be traded from championship teams to a team where they can play a bigger role—for themselves only. But the phenomenon is getting bigger in our government and among corporate leaders, too—where egocentric heads are more dominant than selfless, service-oriented ones.

“Me-dership” is characterized by people who would rather be the leader of a small team as opposed to taking a player role on a bigger team. Our research shows, however, that while leaders who simply give commands (directive leaders) or focus on hitting targets (pacesetters) can be effective in the short term, such styles produce a negative climate and very poor performance over the long term.

Conversely, leaders who articulate a shared mission and give long-term direction (visionary), get consensus to generate new ideas and build commitment (participative), foster personal and career development (coaching), and create trust and harmony (affiliative) produce a positive work climate and outstanding performance.

Another way to look at “me-dership” is through the lens of emotional intelligence. Our Advisory business found that among leaders with multiple strengths in Emotional Self-Awareness, 92% had teams with high energy and high performance. In sharp contrast, leaders low in Emotional Self-Awareness created negative climates 78% of the time.

Of course, this kind of leadership isn’t brand new, but it seems more accepted today. And as it spreads, it runs counter to the culture of collaboration, fast iteration, and flat decision-making needed to succeed in the fourth industrial revolution. West Point’s protocol of giving parents only 60 seconds to say goodbye to their kids and not allowing them to speak with each other for several weeks after the swearing-in ceremony serves to drive home the idea of team unity and collaboration; cadets only have each other to depend on.

This uniformity of purpose acts as a great equalizer. It drives vision, engagement, commitment, and retention across all levels. Of the respondents to our “People on a Mission” study, 76% said purpose helped enhance collaboration, 82% said it boosted breakthrough innovation, and 88% said it guided effective decision-making.

Put another way, leadership isn’t about being in charge and giving people marching orders. Leadership should be about inspiring others to believe—and about enabling them to make that belief a reality. Where have we gone wrong?

Gary Burnison is the CEO of Korn Ferry and author of "The Leadership Journey: How to Master the Four Critical Areas of Being a Great Leader."


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