April 2017  

President's Report

Wow, did we have an amazing meeting in March! Dream, Girl the movie was so inspiring and the community really responded to our chapter hosting the event at the Peoria Riverfront Museum. The exposure was wonderful for CIL NAWBO to display our impact on our Peoria area. Thank you to our board, especially Vickie and Pat, who worked tirelessly to pull it all together. Thank you to all our members for attending and thank you for sharing this event with local women! We should be so proud of who we are and where our chapter is headed.   We have several new members from the event. Please help make them feel welcome as they join us at our monthly meetings!!

As spring has sprung we are preparing for our next exciting meeting in April. We will be back at the country club to lighten the mood on politics. Chris Kaergard will give us a bi-partisan humorous look at the current world around us (which we could ALL use). Please plan to join us and bring a guest to share your great group of NAWBO sisters.

In our Information and Libation smaller meeting in May we will be learning (or trying to learn) how to play poker for fun. It will be Poker at Pat’s. Pat Drake is generously opening her home to us and Rose will be leading us in a sure-to-be –a-blast night of fun! Come join us at 4503 N Knoxville at 5:30.  Bring you own bottle but food will be furnished.  Let’s have a drink, laugh a lot and learn a new game. You do not have to be a member to join us for Information and Libation meetings.

I just want to reiterate how honored I am to be your President. You are a fabulous group of strong, go-getting and intelligent women. Let’s keep helping each other to be stronger and smarter both in our business lives and in our personal lives as well. Ask board members where you can get further involved.   There are so many missions we want to accomplish. Dig deep and let’s do it together. You ladies rock the house!

Michelle Rouland

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Welcome New Members

Well, Dream, Girl has come and gone; however, the excitement from the event still lingers.  And, we are pleased to welcome 6 new members and a Pearl Sponsor who joined that night.

Sarah Ziemba is a Speech Pathologist and the owner of Shine Therapy Services, LLC in Peoria.  Shine is a pediatric therapy company that provides speech, feeding, developmental and occupational therapy to children age birth to sixteen in homes, daycares and at their clinic on University.

Vikki Hibberd is the owner of Marmora Massage and Rejuvenation Center.  At Marmora Massage you can receive Swedish, Sports, Deep tissue...these are just a few of the types of massage, and each specialty treatment offers numerous benefits for the person lucky enough to be on the receiving end of it.

Bridget Kemper is the owner of Kemper Express which focuses on delivering parcels for businesses of any size.  They can do this throughout your organization or to the general business public.  They have expanded to expedited freight for large to mid-size companies delivering products to anywhere within the interstate authority including Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Missouri and Wisconsin.

Chloe Rose Jackson is the founder and coach of P413 Dance Academy.  Chloe is committed to the success of her students not only in the area of dance but she also works with them for personal development, teaches life skills and works to stimulate spiritual growth.

Jennifer Lindsey is a Transformational Health Coach and the owner of Lindsey Health Coaching.  She helps busy professionals cure sugar addiction, reverse and eliminate disease, and live to the highest version of themselves they can imagine. Lindsey does one on one and group coaching, public speaking and adult play dates.

Christina Sargent is an Avon Representative who has dreams of owning her own business. In addition, she works at Neighborhood House.  We give a big thank you to Diane Broe for introducing her to us and NAWBO. We look forward to hearing about and seeing Christina's progress.

Beth Derry is our new Pearl Sponsor and the Regional Superintendent for the Peoria Regional Office of Education. As an elected official, Beth serves the residents of Peoria County and the 18 school districts in its borders.

We are pleased to welcome all our new members.  We look forward to getting to know you better and are here to help those of you that are in the introductory or exploratory phases of your businesses.  Always let us know what you need!






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Calendar of Events


Come prepared to enjoy an evening where politics take center stage but we enjoy the ride!

For over 40 years the National Association of Women Business Owners has lead the charge regarding public policies that impact women business owners. But, this year, we are tired of politics! So, we decided to put a different twist on our meeting. You won't want to miss this entertaining presentation.

Our special speaker is Chris Kaergard, Assignment Editor/Political Reporter, PJ Star. Chris Kaergard is assignment editor at the (Peoria) Journal Star, coordinating daily and long-term coverage from a staff of 12 full-time news reporters for the paper's print and digital platforms, a role he has held since 2012. He has also served as political reporter / columnist since 2011, covering local delegations to Congress and the state Legislature as well as county government. During the 2016 election cycle, he interviewed candidates across the political spectrum from Bernie Sanders to Ted Cruz, and has been on the coverage team for four presidential visits to the Peoria area.

5:30 PM - 8:30 PM
Mt Hawley Country Club
7724 North Knoxville Avenue
Peoria, IL 61614-2026

Our meetings are open to the public. Social/networking time begins at 5:30 pm and dinner begins at 6:00 pm with the program following.

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members - meal included.

To register, go to For additional information, phone 309-692-2225.


May 17, 2017 The Changing Face of Business

Image result for business change photos

SPEAKER: Becky Wood, Managment and Leadership, Bradley University

BIOGRAPHY:  Becky Wood joined the Management and Leadership Department at Bradley University in 2015.  She received her MBA degree in Business from Bradley University and attended Bethel College in Mishawaka, Indiana where she studied Business. As a proud graduate of Bradley University, Becky is passionate about continuing Bradley’s commitment to excellence in teaching our future leaders. Becky specializes in building interpersonal effectiveness in organizations and helping leaders develop the skills to manage for results. Becky believes that the students are our future, and is committed to making every day an opportunity to contribute to society by engaging as an efficient and interesting instructor. Her goal is to offer “tools” that every student can add to their toolbox and use not only today, but in their career. She values the uniqueness of her students and strives to bring her real-world corporate experiences into the classroom.

MEETINGS: Our meetings are open to members and guests. Social/networking time begins at 5:30 pm and dinner begins at 6:00 pm with the program following. The Central IL Chapter of NAWBO® meets the 3rd Wednesday each month.

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members. 

REGISTRATION:  You may pay at the time of registration or at the door. Registration fee must be paid by the meeting date or a $5 monthly administration fee will be assessed.

LOCATION:  Mt. Hawley Country Club

For more information, please contact  or call 309.692-2225 and leave a message.


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Employer Lobby Days

Registration is now open for this year’s Employer Action Day.  This year’s event will take place on Wednesday, April 26 from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM at the Wyndam in Springfield.  The event will feature a keynote from Gov. Rauner, members from ALEC and the US Chamber, Illinois Secretary of Education Beth Purvis, and more!  Don’t miss this opportunity to add your voice to the business communities largest lobby day in Illinois. Register now!

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Upcoming Opportunities




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Member News

Lisa Strickland is not only a member of NAWBO and our Board Secretary, but she has been named the Escort Officer for the U. S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps. and will participate this April as part of the U.S. Naval Sea Cadet Corps International Exchange Program in Australia.

Lisa was selected nationwide to be the escort officer for the exchange, which runs April 10 to April 26. She will escort two cadets and join Sea Cadets from Australia, Canada, South Africa, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.   

The training will start in Sydney. Cadets will be trained in survivability, various water sports, body surfing and beach rescue. They will experience a variety of historic sites and cultural activities.  The Cadets will have the opportunity to learn about the Australian history and experience some of the wildlife.  They will also participate in the annual ANZAC Day ceremonies and parades.

LCDR Lisa Strickland was also chosen as the NSCC Officer of the Year for 2016. “LCDR Strickland works tirelessly to provide educational opportunities to the cadets in her unit and region. Always forward thinking, she develops and organizes regional activities, expanding the number of possibilities available for Pimiteoui Division cadets and others. Since 2011, she has worked to bring winter trainings opportunities to the Midwest. Motivated by the success of her cadets, Strickland attends trainings around the country and brings back new ideas to her region. She has served as an escort officer at more than 14 trainings. “  There are almost 4,000 adult volunteers in the program.

Lisa is the Commanding Officer for Pimiteoui Division, US Naval Sea Cadet Corps. The unit is based in Peoria, IL.

The United States Naval Sea Cadet Corps is a national organization for youth ages 10 to 18. They are comprised of a junior and a senior cadet program. The objectives of the sea cadet program are to introduce youth to Naval life and to develop in them a sense of pride, patriotism, courage and self-reliance. We provide compelling, life-changing programs that instill the values of teamwork, discipline, camaraderie and service. The USNSCC is helping to create the next generation of leaders and problem-solvers. There is no military commitment for participation.  During the summer and sometimes during winter break, advanced trainings are offered throughout the country.

We extend our congratulations to Lisa on this amazing honor.

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Image Potential Shares

Make Room for Fearless Dreaming

by Cindy Byrd

On March 22, our NAWBO chapter hosted the documentary, Dream, Girl.  The mission of the film is to “tell the stories of amazing entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of leaders.” I would add the phrase “and re-inspire current generations,” because that was my experience – the film renewed my inspiration for the dream that led me to start my business in the first place, but it also made me think about other dreams that were pushed aside or displaced by unproductive thoughts, distractions, and “busy-ness” (real or imagined), which can add up to a full mind, unhealthy stress, and misdirected focus.  

Maybe you’ve also been prone to living this “mind-full” life with seemingly no room left for the kind of fearless, productive dreaming shown in the film.  If so, it’s time to do a little internal “spring cleaning” and be mindful instead, so you can declutter and make room to dream.

Unlike physical cleaning which requires a number of different tools and techniques, decluttering your mind requires just one: mindfulness practice, a technique that in as little as ten minutes a day can help unclutter the mind from distractive thoughts and unproductive mental activity.  This practice teaches you to just be – in the present moment, unhooked from past regrets and worries about the future, free from the fear, stress, and anxiety that can rob you of the ability to focus on anything, including your dreams.   The bonus is that mindfulness not only opens up room to dream and create, but also to focus on productive thoughts about how to turn dreams into realities.  It wasn’t surprising to see one of the entrepreneurs in the film engaged in mindfulness practice.

This entrepreneur and the others featured in the film displayed some key characteristics and benefits of mindfulness. First, they seemed focused and aware.  Focus gives you the ability to concentrate on what you’re doing in the moment, and awareness enables you to recognize and dismiss unproductive distractions.  Granted, the entrepreneurs excelled in their technical and management skills; however, the ability to maintain focus and concentration is every bit as important to success.  Second, the entrepreneurs were able to ride the ups and downs they encountered with courage, poise, and presence of mind.  Mindfulness builds resilience and openness, so you’re not fixated on ups or downs but instead on the third option of just “being.”  Rather than an immediate response of hope or fear, you can be inquisitive and meet the situation fearlessly, with an open heart and free from doubt about yourself.

As Dream, Girl creator and co-producer Erin Bagwell said, “It (the film) began with a dream.” And if you take an additional cue from the film, dreaming can start you on the path to living a more productive life with courage, purpose, passion, and intention, IF, like the entrepreneurs featured in the film you choose to practice mindfulness.  Make time as you’re cleaning your physical surroundings this spring to take stock of what may be cluttering your mind and preventing you from dreaming new dreams or revisiting the ones that were crammed into closets, pushed into the corners, or swept under the rug.

Next month, I’ll share some practical tips for incorporating mindfulness into your work day. In the meantime, declutter your mind and dust off those dreams!

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Liz's Observations

Mastering Change by Liz Pollack

“The Times They Are a-Changin'.” Bob Dylan crooned that tune in 1964 as an anthem for the political and social upheaval of the 1960’s.  It is a sentiment sung by many others and felt by most everyone in the last 50 years.  Poor economy, lawsuits, new legislation, natural disasters and a multitude of other variables have had a huge impact on our individual and professional lives.  The lyrics of that song still ring true.  Why?  Because change is constant and endless. 

That being the case, we must acquire skills to master change. We can’t just deal with it or ignore it and hope a change we like comes soon.  We have to be so adept at change that is a habit; simply a way of life.  This requires us to be resilient, learn, adapt and then apply what we learned to our circumstances.  Do you have an unshakeable inner confidence that tells you that you can handle any change? 

Follow the steps below to master change.

1. See yourself as a “Creator of Circumstance” Too often we see ourselves as victims of change.  This leads to slow or no adaptation and puts all control and influence in the hands of fate and circumstance.  Instead, you need to recognize that change means an opportunity to have an impact on the situation.  Change doesn’t necessarily mean a loss of control.  You can still influence the situation and make it your own.  Instead of just seeing the negatives and disadvantages of the change, identify the benefits and positives and determine to make the most of those.  Then find ways to minimize the disadvantages.  Too many people start with the negatives and never move on.  You must decide to accept and work with this change and put your own stamp on it.

2. Take time to analyze the situation before you react.  Ask yourself, “Is this a problem or an opportunity or challenge?” Remember your long term vision rather than what may change in the short term.  In other words, perhaps this is just a stumble not a fall.  You can overcome this.  Look at the change and ask yourself, what difference will this make 3 months from now, 6 months from now or a year from now?  Often this gives some perspective and helps refrain from rushing in or overreacting. 

3. Don’t let the past scare you off.  Be in the moment.  Make your choices based on what you know now, what you want to accomplish today and what you want your future to be.  Welcome and embrace the learning the situation offers. Is your energy wrapped up in your effort to maintain the status quo rather than to learn and grow?  Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this?”  Trust yourself.  You are equipped with what you need to get through.  Anything you may lack you can still acquire.  Look for resources around you.  Friends, family, therapists, coaches, teachers – they are available to you.

It’s important to note that these steps come at the beginning of change. In short, most of the difficulty of change comes from allowing ourselves to drop into old habits and be dominated by old fears. Clearly, the times they are always a changin; but with a little upfront work, you’ll be able to make the most of the situation and come out on top. 

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NAWBO Happenings



Image result for card shark photos

It's a Poker Party . . .


Fun night is happening May 3 when we all take on Poker.  Don't know how?  No worries - we'll take your money just the same! lol  Really . . . we'll help you out and, who knows, beginner's luck could kick in and you will go home with a big jackpot!  We will eat at 5:30 (food furnished) with cards to follow.  BYOB  If you can't make it at 5:30 all is ok.  Come when you can.  Location is 4503 N Knoxville (Pat Drake's home).  Make your reservation  (no later than April 30) by calling Rose Stanton at 303-7552 or e-mail 

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4 Steps to Avoid the Generational Trap

As time moves forward, your chapter members age. This is a reality that no one can deny if they want to achieve continued longevity. Focus must shift as the target audience shifts. For instance, the tactics used for those classified as a baby boomers will not often work for those in the Generation X or Millennial generations. Yes, there are some overarching activities that will work no matter what generation a person belongs to, but without shifting your approach, you may end up with the same people that have been active for the last forty years or so. This presents a danger of your chapter fizzling out as members decide they no longer need what your chapter offers.

To avoid this generational trap there are 4 steps to follow:

  1.       Know and accept that there are different generations at play. And that there is great debate as to how to label said groups (what is below is one summary).  From a marketing perspective, the following list from W.J. Schroer offers insight into who is in the world.


  The Depression era (born 1912-1921) has a rapidly declining population of members who are retired.

  World War II era (born 1922 to 1927) also has a quickly declining population of members who are retired.

  Post-War era (born 1928-1945) cohort has a population of about 30 million, but are reaching or have entered    retirement.

  The Baby Boomers I (born 1946-1954) have a population of about 30 million and are beginning to enter retirement.

  The Baby Boomers II, a.k.a. Generation Jones, (born 1955-1965) have a population of about 50 million and they are still active in the workplace, though some may be seeking early retirement.

  Generation X (born 1966-1976) members are heavy in the workforce with about 40 million members.  They are nowhere near retirement.

  Millenniums, a.k.a. Generation Y or Echo Boomers, (born 1977-1994) comprise about 70 million members who are quite active in the workforce, albeit with a different mentality. There is an attitude of “retiring” early through a work path that allows them to live more of a retired life than the traditional 9-5 jobs held by the generations before them. This group is more racially diverse and technologically savvy than the previous generations.

  Generation Z (born 1995-2012) has a population of about 35 million. This group is just graduating college and entering the workforce. They are completely tech reliant and marketing strategies of old will fall on deaf ears with them.


  1.       Be prepared to take a fresh approach. Don’t be afraid to go outside your box – in fact it is essential if you want to convert those prospects to active members. It is vital to listen to your members, recognizing the generation they are in and employ a targeted multifaceted campaign approach so you can reach all members of your chapter.


  1.       Use social media. Whether using Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or some other social media tool, be certain to have a targeted campaign integrated into the appropriate platform that actually reaches members of your intended audience. Build slogans in such a way that you can convert them into memorable hashtags that will inspire online engagement. Indeed, for the Millennials and Generation Zers, online activity may mean a lot more to them then the live activities. And if they enjoy the experiences online, they will be more inclined to come out in person.


  1.       Tap into the emotional connection. Really try to reach members and prospects with something that pulls at the heartstrings. Even at general meetings that can be somewhat boring, you can incorporate a way to get involved in the community, a way for your chapter and its members to give back. The younger generation wants to make a commitment to making a difference in the world. Don’t underestimate that desire as you plan even the most mundane meeting.

The generation trap can easily be avoided by following these steps. Being open to the change that you chapter naturally will take over time is key to achieving sustainable growth for years to come.

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Affiliate Updates

Bradley University has announced that the Executive Development Center in the Foster College of Business has officially been renamed: 

Center for Professional Excellence

The new name more accurately reflects the value the Center delivers. The Center for Professional Excellence exists to improve individual, team and organizational performance by developing professional skills in business and leadership. The Center will continue to offer non-credit professional development opportunities to individuals and organizations through public programs, customized corporate education, and professional coaching and assessment services.

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Classified Ads

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