January 2017  

President's Report

Wow! We are now into the new year of 2017. Hopefully, you all had a lovely holiday season with your families/friends and are looking forward to this brand new year ahead. Have you made resolutions? Have you looked at your yearend goals? Don’t forget to pat yourself on the back for all you accomplished in 2016 as well!  

            January is the month which will give you more opportunities to connect with your incredibly intelligent, very resourceful NAWBO sisters. Keep a lookout for local NAWBO emails letting you know when we will be enjoying each others’ company and learning a little to boot. Past President Susie Platt and Mary Cay will be scheduling a fun social get together within these first 2 weeks of January. Again, keep watching for time and place. Vicki Clark will be hosting a gathering at Blue Margaritas in Peoria on Business Owners Retirement Plans on Thursday January 26th at 4pm. We can pick her financial planning brain, get smarter and have a drink together! Thank you to these ladies for offering these opportunities to us as a group.

            This is our year ladies! Being part of an organization in name is good but getting involved is great!! You only get the full benefits of our membership by forming relationships and getting together. Our newer business owners have cutting edge ideas and our seasoned owners are a wealth of information. We have so much to give to each other, as sisters should. Show up, get involved and strengthen your friendships. Make this your New Year’s resolution.

            Research shows that people who have many healthy relationships and a strong support system are healthier and happier. It’s all up to you sisters. Let’s have a year of happy and healthy together as Central Illinois NAWBO.  

Michelle Rouland, President

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Community Service

Well, the annual Christmas Party was held and the competition was fierce as every team wanted to win our game of Charades.  Oh, what fun we had!

But, the beauty of the night was increased by the generous spirit of all the wonderful members who attended and brought unwrapped gifts to be given to the Neighborhood House. 

We are also aware of generous spirit of our members as they give their time and money to our Pearl Sponsors and other non-profits in the community who so richly deserve it.

Thank you, CI NAWBO.  You are dynamic women who truly care.  We are blessed to have you as part of our organization.

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Calendar of Events


As a member of the accounts receivable management field for over 15 years, John has learned how to avoid bad debt and even more important how to prepare for the day that it comes, which is a virtual certainty.  After a business has become a victim of consumers who wish to avoid paying their obligations; it can be an extremely difficult and expensive process to attempt to collect the debt.

You will learn how to train staff, prepare documents, and create a plan on dealing with aging bills.

Guest Speaker: John McGlasson, Pro Com Services, Springfield, IL

MEETINGS: Our meetings are open to members and guests. Social/networking time begins at 5:30 pm and dinner begins at 6:00 pm with the program following. The Central IL Chapter of NAWBO® meets the 3rd Wednesday each month.

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members. 

REGISTRATION:  You may pay at the time of registration or at the door. Registration fee must be paid by the meeting date or a $5 monthly administration fee will be assessed.

LOCATION:  Mt. Hawley Country Club, 7724 N Knoxville, Peoria, IL.  Valet parking available.


Guest Speaker: Shalesse Pie

Today, our workforce is by a majority comprised of three generations: Baby Boomers, Gen-Xers and Millennials.  Managing a diverse group can be challenging.  Once you remove the stereotypes, facts vs. fiction and me vs. them you will find that there are actually some things that are in common.  Understanding the differences is the key to managing these groups.  Learning what really matters and motivates each group will have the potential of expanding productivity and produce exceptional teams.  The truth is; organizations benefit the most when they are able to leverage diversity of experience, talent and knowledge.

Shalesse Pie, a native of Peoria, has been in the Human Resources field for 18 years and is currently the Superintendent of Human Resources with the Peoria Park District.  She earned her B.A. from the University of Illinois and completed her EMBA in 2005 from Bradley University. Shalesse has her (PHR) Professional Human Resources certification as well as her SHRM-Certified Professional designation.  As a contract trainer with AAIM Employers Association, Shalesse has presented on various topics and human resources learning series.

Shalesse has had the opportunity to volunteer for several boards and committees as well as share her knowledge, skills, talents, and abilities as a keynote speaker at several career day workshops throughout Central Illinois.

She believes that she is obligated to use all that she has learned to challenge, inspire, and encourage others

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members. 

REGISTRATION:  You may pay at the time of registration or at the door. Registration fee must be paid by the meeting date or a $5 monthly administration fee will be assessed.

LOCATION:  Mt. Hawley Country Club, 7724 N Knoxville, Peoria, IL.  Valet parking available.


SPEAKER: Various

CI NAWBO is a dynamic organization of business women who affect not only the local economy but internationally as well. This group of forward thinking entrepreneurs have been a part of the community since 1978 - we are the third oldest chapter in the U.S. behind only Chicago and Los Angeles.  You need to be part of what is happening here!

If you are currently a business owner, would like to own a business, are supportive of the vision of NAWBO, are a corporation or non-profit that would like to align with our Chapter, you are invited to come and hear more about what CI NAWBO is doing and the benefits of being part of this organization.

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members. 

REGISTRATION:  You may pay at the time of registration or at the door. Registration fee must be paid by the meeting date or a $5 monthly administration fee will be assessed.

LOCATION:  Mt. Hawley Country Club, 7724 N Knoxville, Peoria, IL.  Valet parking available.


Don't miss this vital meeting as you learn about those policies that can affect y our business.  For over 40 years the National Association of Women Business Owners has lead the charge regarding public policies that impact women business owners. Our meeting will focus on just that as our elected officials bring us up-to-date on what is happening in Washington and Springfield that we need to be aware of.

COST: $30 for members and $35 for non-members. 

REGISTRATION:  You may pay at the time of registration or at the door. Registration fee must be paid by the meeting date or a $5 monthly administration fee will be assessed.

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Member News

To the mighty women of NAWBO:  Thank you for collecting toys for our 2016 Toy Shop and Angel Tree program.  Because of you, we provided toys for nearly 800 children.  Norma Rayford is one of many  senior citizens who came to us after the Toy Shop program was complete, to ask for help.  She unexpectedly found out that a 7-year-old girl in her family was coming to stay with her for the holidays and she wasn’t prepared to buy gifts.  Your toy donations helped us fill this request.  Thanks for all do for Neighborhood House.  We look forward to seeing you at Food Fight 2017 on Thursday, April 6.

Roberta English

Director of Fund Development

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Partner News

Diane Russell at PNC Bank has shared a link with us for their E Newsletters for PNC’s Women In Business Insights. You do not need to be a PNC customer, and it has great articles!

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Public Policy Topics


Big labor’s effort to override Governor Bruce Rauner’s amendatory veto of a harmful prevailing wage bill failed this week as they lacked the votes in the Illinois House.

SB 2964, which requires the Illinois Department of Labor to use Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBAs) to set prevailing wage rates throughout the state, was amendatorily vetoed by Governor Bruce Rauner. In the veto, he cited the unconstitutional nature of allowing a private entity to set public wage rates as well as the elimination of local control in setting the rates.

The Senate overrode the veto in the first half of the Veto Session. This week the House took up the motion to override and it failed 70-42, leaving the Governor’s AV to stand.  It needed 71 votes to pass.

NFIB was opposed to the original bill, and in a letter encouraged the Governor to veto it when it got to his desk. Current law allows IDOL to survey contractors, both union and nonunion, to ensure the prevailing wage rate accurately reflects wages being paid in any given locality.

Illinois is a diverse state, with some areas being more heavily unionized than others. Tying a downstate community to a Collective Bargaining Agreement based in another region results in inflated wage rates that don’t reflect the actual wages in those communities. Using inflated wage rates also deters nonunion contractors from bidding on jobs and decreases competition for public work.  By reducing competition, local governmental bodies and school districts are often left with only one or two bidders who may not even be from their community. Taxpayers ultimately foot the bill for these inflated wages and are the real losers.


HJRCA 62                                                                                         Passed 84-18

This is a constitutional amendment proposing that no tax increase legislation may be passed during a “lame duck session” unless it receives a three-fifths vote. Lame duck session is identified as on or after the date of a general election but on or before the second Wednesday of January following the general election vote.  Once a constitutional amendment passes both Chambers it appears on the next general election ballot which would be in 2018.  No vote was taken in the Senate.

HR 1494                                                                                             Passed 87-12

This House Resolution states no tax increase legislation may be considered by the Illinois General Assembly during the “lame duck” timeframe. The “lame duck” period under the resolution is January 1, 2017 to January 11, 2017.

 SB 2814                                                                                              Passed House 63-38

                                                                                                            Passed Senate 32-18

A bailout for energy giant Exelon passed this week. A proposal to subsidize Exelon in exchange for them keeping two nuclear power plants on line has been in the works for over a year.  While the subsidy keeps 4200 jobs in place at plants in Clinton and the Quad Cities, the ratepayers will foot the bill for the bailout.  NFIB opposed the measure because of the increased energy costs to small and medium sized businesses.

HB 4248                                                                                 Subject Matter Hearing

A subject matter only hearing was held on HB 4248, a workers’ compensation reform bill introduced by House GOP Leader Jim Durkin in 2015. While the language in the bill did contain key components of any real reform, such as changing our causation standard, Leader Jim Durkin felt it no longer accurately reflected some of the negotiations that had taken place over the last year.  Speaker Madigan abruptly sent the bill to the House Labor Committee after the Governor said it would be a good “starting point” for further negotiations.  The Republicans and the Governor felt the move was disingenuous and counterproductive to real movement on the issue.   The committee simply took testimony from both sides of the issue, which was mostly a rehash of the same arguments, and did not take a vote on the bill.


Despite meeting a few times this week, legislative leaders and Governor Bruce Rauner were unable to come to agreement on how to solve the current budget crisis. The stopgap budget measure passed last spring is set to expire in January.

While Governor Rauner has said he is not interested in passing another stop gap budget, this week he said he would support one if term limits and a property tax freeze were part of the deal. However, Speaker Michael Madigan has said he does not believe a budget deal should be contingent on any of Governor Rauner’s reform agenda.

The leaders and Governor agreed to keep meeting over the weekend, but the Governor’s unexpected veto this week of a Chicago Public Schools pension bill may put those meetings in jeopardy.

Lawmakers are not scheduled to be back until January 9 & 10. The new General Assembly will be sworn on January 11 restarting the legislative clock.

For questions or comments on small-business issues please contact Illinois State Director Kim Clarke Maisch in the NFIB/Illinois office at 217-523-5471, or via e-mail at




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Take Your Brain to the Gym

Take Your Brain to the Gym, Too!  by Cindy Byrd, image potential training & consulting

                New Year’s, of course, is a time for new starts and new (or revisited!) resolutions.  Many of these resolutions focus on losing weight, eating healthier, and exercising more by joining a gym or other fitness program.  These are good resolutions that can improve physical fitness and health, but what about psychological health— the mental and emotional fitness that can be realized from taking the brain to the gym, too? 

                You’re probably thinking – if my body is going to the gym, my brain is already going with me, Cindy—duh! And, I say, absolutely it is!  However, the brain needs a different kind of workout in order to impact mental and emotional fitness – it needs a different kind of gym.  The brain is truly fascinating, and having a deeper understanding of it can improve all aspects of our lives.  While it’s certainly possible to realize reduced stress, greater satisfaction, and more happiness from a physical workout, understanding how the brain functions and learning how you can actually train your brain not only leads to the same outcomes but much more:  improved emotional intelligence, deeper self-awareness, more positive relationships, alertness, calmness, clarity, relaxation, peace, empathy, kindness, and joy.  I don’t know about you, but I believe the world could use more of all these things – especially the last four!

                Sadly, there was no “The Brain 101” course when I was in school, at any level, that really taught the depth of practical knowledge one needs about how the brain functions.  Fortunately now, however, the field of neuroscience has greatly expanded and much is being researched and written about the brain and related topics, such as the practice of mindfulness. My dive into neuroscience has so far been more like toes in the water, and I have much yet to learn so I can continue to incorporate that knowledge into the learning opportunities I provide for others.

                So, while I have the “usual” resolutions about losing weight and eating healthier on my list for 2017, my most important resolution is to take my brain to the gym and continue to learn as much as I can about how it functions and to help others do so , too.  I’ll start by sharing a list of books I’ve read or am reading that have broadened my understanding of the brain and how to use that information wisely.  Here’s to a happy and healthy new year – body and mind!

  • Your Brain at Work, David Rock

  • Mindset: The New Psychology of Success, Carol Dweck

  • Learning & Memory: The Brain in Action, Marilee Sprenger

  • The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor

  • Search Inside Yourself, Chade-Meng Tan


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